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180610_Pertemuan3_Art Work


By : Ephraim Jeshanah | Nicotheus Giovanni | Christopher Reynard | Eric Anathapindika


On the fourth of June, we have the opportunity to visit Rumah Gerbong located in Bintaro. Rumah Gerbong is the office of Studio SA_e and home to Ario Andito, principal architect of Studio SA_e.


Growing house


The house itself is a combination of two existing houses joined together in a linear orientation. Shown by the artwork, the left part of building tends to be its living space and the right part of the building is its office.

On the left part of the building, the spaces created tends to be bigger in terms of the height of the ceilings as well as the distance between vertical elements. This results in leisure activities being held on the left side of the building rather than the right side. The confined space in the right side of the building not only limits each activity but also creates a working atmosphere.

Spaces in the building are also defined by vertical and horizontal vegetation. The vegetation present on the right side of the building are taller in comparison to the ones on the left. The architect ensured that the office will get a green view. On the other hand, vegetation present on the first floor of the building not only fulfill its aesthetic needs but also create spaces. Synthetic grass floors are placed on the roof as well as on the second floor of the office room to give a sense of peace in midst of dystopia.

The circulation of the building is also separated just like the function of the building. The vertical circulation on the right side of the building tends to direct to an office room and the vertical circulations present on the left side of the building tends to lead to the dwelling of the user. This separation of stairs helps in defining the spaces in each building, keeping the right side of the building private and the left side semi-public.

In conclusion the house itself is an example of modern architecture. Rectangular shapes, truth to materials, the use of modern materials as construction and the use of glass to incorporate the outside with the inside. The idea of growing can clearly be seen in this house. Whether it is growing in the terms of vegetation or growing in terms of bonding or growing in terms of personal character. As the house grows, people grows with it.

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