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                                                          “Anyone who has never 

                                                                 made a mistake has

                                                       never tried anything new”

                                                                    Albert Einstien

What would you call someone who would travel thousands of kilometeres from one small town in Kerala to an unknown country for an internship ? It might appear to you like mistakes are purposely done just to “try new things”

Sometimes opportunity knocks. Other times it sends you an email and an invitation to join for an internship program from another end of the world.

Especially for the young, following your passion or building your career can mean physically relocating far from home. Unlike a holiday where you get to experiance the creamy layer of the place alone for a few days. An internship offers a wide insight into the factors which holds itself in place. A whole new world, new culture and new faces, new tastes new sights.

These were all the fears I had in mind before boarding my flight to Jakarta, but equally excited at the same time.

What more to say, I made a mistake !

Whatever i thought before hand, all the fears i had , everything ended up to be a pile of dust blown away in the monsoon winds of Jakarta.

If at all I’ve made a right decision in my life, I believe it would be to do this internship program in Jakarta. Studio Sae was a real eye opener for me. Where architecture was nothing more than building a  four sided structure, Studio Sae taught me for the first time, to mold the massing and to have a million other options to rethink on the design. 

First things first

A line is nothing but a collection of dots, where I spent my entire life trying to correct that one line, Studio Sae taught me to start from the dot!

Through the orientation program I got to understand the design philosphy and the stages of design which was being followed in the firm. What I found unique about this office was that, work was never simply assigned to me, but rather it was seen to that I get to understand the work in full scale, and then only start with the work. Interns here were never seen as mere objects to get work finished, rather we were seen as budding architects who are trained to make the world a better place someday.  

Fake it till you make it

Learning how to learn is one of the best ways to spearhead those things which you know little or nothing about. The biggest issue with the an internship can be, most obviously, the lack of experience. You’re diving into a new profession that you’ve only practiced in theory.

But in my case I was lucky enough to have two angels always in reach for any doubts . Thankyou Mba Indi and Mas Alvin for being there always.

Have a life outside of architecture

Unlike other things which you ask and find out, this particular aspect of work came searching for us some way or the other. Be it talk shows, events or movies it just happened to happen at the right time, when we actaually needed one. Amazing cycling sessions early sunday morning where most looked forward to. The chinese new year festival and the historic buildings were new to me as well.

Benefits of being an international intern

ohkay, I know this shouldn’t be revealed but still, out of all the benefits. I used to get free transportation most of the times. This is no Gojek offer that im reffering to, but free pickup and drop by my lovely colleagues. Thank you so much Reinhard, Alvin, Luthfi for always being there.

Makan for Life 

There’s  nothing better than sharing good food and experiencing new dishes with others who have the same passion for cuisine. Not only does this make for great conversation, but you’ll bond over the new foods that you try, make plans to discover other food experiences together and learn about the culture of the food.

Thank you so much Studio Sae for giving me a new experience in trying out different dishes. Thank you Mas Bambi for helping me choose the right noodle from the hundred varieties of noodles available in the market. Mba Indie you taught me how to be an expert in not only softwares but also over chopsticks skills. Mas Tomy, you made sure that I get to taste all the fruits and not just explain about it. Raisa, Bunga and Yola, thankyou for helping me to choose the right dishes everytime.

Love doesnt need words 

Bahasa was new to me, and thus had difficulties conversing and socialising with people. But one major lesson I learnt from this difficulty was that words had nothing to do with expressing love. The smiles, the actions and the hand shakes did the talking for me most of the times. And every one in the office has been so kind to have that lovely smile, everytime I pass by. Mas Santooss, Mas Riyan, Mas Yoni, Kukun, thanking all of you for standing with me and helping me out understand things, repeating and translating jokes, teaching me new words.

To Conclude,

I thank everyone who made sure that we feel at home, and that relation which everyone showed, making me realise we’ve known for centuries long. 

Thank you Mas Ario for choosing me as an intern, for guiding me the right way, for being an eye opener and for being the best host. You’re lucky enough to have the best bunch of employees who you would rather call as One Big Family! Because a better part of our life was also under the shade of Rumah Gerbong. 

To all my fellow magangers, you guys will always be remembered. Luthfi, Bunga, Raisa, Yola, Bima, Elvin thankyou for being there with me.

Mas Bamby, Mas Tomy, Mas Pandu, Mas Adrian, Mas Cahyo, Reinhard will miss you all.

I just so wish to see you all in Kerala, so that I can show you everything about this place that we have discussed about and to give back the love you showed .

Thank you.

Jacob Mathew, Asian School Of Architecture And Design Innovations, Kochi, Kerala.

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