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Born and brought up in India, not in my deepest dreams had I thought of doing my internship in Jakarta. But life brought me the best possible thing that I could ever ask for.

Moving from India, everything was new for me. From food to culture to MRT’s and gojek, it was a new book of life. But above everything, it was Studio Sae. 

The moment I stepped into the premises of this place, I was welcomed like never before. I loved it from the very first moment! They are an incredibly wonderful bunch of people who did everything possible to help me in all means. The team was determined to get me into every possible project and places during my short period that includes cycling  and roaming around on weekends and taking me to the architectural meet-ups and talks although most of it was in bahasa but we had a great time together which is more important.

Rumah Gerbong

Studio Sae has a well-defined system for training interns. On the first day, we (me & my friend Jacob) were given a full tour in and around the RUMAH GERBONG. Being in Jakarta, and for that matter in Indonesia for the first time, we were excited like anything. RUMAH GERBONG has a soothing design that has a strong functional side without compromising the sense of modern aesthetics. Then we had three full days of orientation during which we were introduced to the working style and principles of Studio Sae. Then it was a deep dive into the live projects. The working style and time were different, but these amazing people made it all easy for us to adapt and were patient enough for us to get through.

Mas Ario,

You were brave enough to take me in as an intern in the first place (haha) and kind enough to spend time with us even when you were having a tight schedule. You are the simplest and coolest boss that I could ever ask for! You never forget to check-in and crack jokes whenever you are around. Thanks for teaching me your principles and sharing your life experiences which are invaluable lessons for me. It has helped me immensely to improve not just as a professional but also as a person. Thanks for taking us out for cycling and never hesitating to have a coffee and chitchat with us. More than that thank you for the delicious dishes that you had served us every day 😁

Mba Indi,

You are the most constant figure throughout my internship at sae. You are the person who helped me before, during and hopefully after my internship. You taught me everything from basics starting from how to use chopsticks 😄to construction techniques. Thanks for being so nice and kind all the time😊

Mas Alvin,

You were the funniest person in the office. You are the kind of person that I could talk about anything. Thanks for being there always to help me around. Thanks for being a friend, brother, mentor, and trainer 😎 gonna miss you, bro!

Mas Bembi, the thing I like most about you is your passion towards food😀 I think we spoke more about food menus than of architecture 😂 Thanks for helping me around especially with the food names😀

Mas Tomy, I am really sad that I couldn’t understand the jokes that you crack quite often in the office. I know how witty are your jokes from the reaction of others. Thanks for sharing your brilliant ideas and motivating me to adopt a different approach to designing. Next time, I’m gonna learn Bahasa only to crack jokes alongside you.

Bunga, Raissa, Yola thank you so much for helping me especially during the first weeks and Lutfi, Bima thanks for the helping hand. Elvin and Safio good luck guys and Elvin don’t forget about your gift 😝

Rein “The sketch up master” 😝, Mas Pandu “The Techie”, Mas Adrian, Mas Cahyo thanks for every technique and well wishes.  

Santoooss “piye kabare” 😂 thanks for all the Bahasa lessons mass Riyan, Yoni, Kukun, I know you guys have tried the best to talk to me. I wanna say that I loved talking to you as much you do!

Mass Supaaar I love you

And now I must thank the most important member of Studio Sae, Mas Robbi, I see you work day in and day out for us. Thanks a lot for being the driving force and may God bless you 

Thanks, everyone for making my time at Sae the most memorable ones in my life. I’m gonna miss everything especially the evening Gorengan and Makaan kuy calls 😅Thank you so much for everything and I know I owe you guys a lot so let me know when you are coming to India 


Until we meet next, Adios!

Muhammed Ashir, Asian School Of Architecture And Design Innovations, Kochi, Kerala.

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