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Studio ArioAndito_elaborasi


SA_e of  is a think tank studio with broad spectrum of works, including architecture, design product, and community project.

from high end mix used towers to lightweight flatpack table for charity project.

have fun with us !!!

Andalan 3

We gladly to announce our project ‘Rumah Gerbong’ become shortlisted in World Architecture Festival. Click image above to see the info.

logo bdd

Our project, Rumah Gerbong selected as Open House Event of Bintaro Design District. Biggest architecture design festival in Bintaro, South Tangerang


How solid skull is?
Or, how solid our earth is?

All that God designed either be living or non living things, nothing solid. The earth we live in is not solid, so does our skulls.  These are not due to accident but there are a purposes for those who want to think, and this is also how the universe works, not solid!

This un-solid universe that inspires Studio Sa_e, we call it “Krowakism”. Krowakism is the design thinking that architecture should be very fluid-not solid-boundary bias-ly. Which  the building is not only a single building but also a part of the universe. So buildings must behave like a universe that accepts, accommodates, and even protects 4 elements (light, air, wind, and living things) wisely.

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